USATF Pacific NW Open/Masters Cross Country Championships

USATF Pacific Northwest Open Cross Country Championships
USATF Pacific Northwest Masters Cross Country Championships
hosted by Club Northwest and USATF Pacific Northwest Track & Field
Community 4k Fun Run

Results: Here

Date: Sunday, November 4, 2012

Location: "Upper" Lower Woodland Park, Seattle, WA. N. 50th St. and Highway 99, Seattle, WA 98103. Directions: From I-5, take the 50th Street exit. Go West until you pass the baseball and soccer fields on your right. Turn into the parking lot just before you go under the overpass.


Community Fun Run 2K/4K
(USATF Membership not required)
Masters Men 6K
Masters Women 6K
Open Women 6K 10:45am
Open Men 10K 11:30am


Eligibility: All participants, except in the Community Fun Run, must have a 2012 USATF or Athletics Canada membership. Only members of the Pacific NW Association may earn prize money. Teams must be registered with USATF and athletes be affiliated with their team within the USATF database. Masters runners are encouraged to get age verified through USATF. Unverified masters runners may be asked to show proof of age (such as a driver's license).

USATF Memberships: You must have a 2012 USATF membership for all races except the Community Fun Run. If you do not yet have a 2012 USATF membership, they can be purchased here. If you purchase by Oct 31, you will pay $10 for a 2012 USATF membership that expires Dec 31, 2012. If you purchase Nov 1 or later, you will pay $30 for a 2012 and 2013 USATF membership that expires Dec 31, 2013 (so it's good for 14 months). If you are competing for a team, make sure to put them on your form when you join, otherwise it is a pain to get it changed.

Entry Fees:

Category Pre-registration (through 11/2) Day of Race Registration
Open Teams (up to 8 runners) $50 per team $75 per team
Masters Teams (up to 5 athletes) $30 per team $50 per team
Additional Team Runners/Teams with less than 5 athletes $7 per athlete $10 per athlete
Unattached Athletes $10 $15
College Students (must have ID, not eligible for prize money) Free (must have USATF membership) $5 (must have USATF membership)
Community Runners (no USATF membership required) $3 $5

Please enter before the deadline – although we will accept day of race entries, it makes everything go more smoothly to have entries in advance.

Community Fun Run Entries: Email to enter. If you email by Nov 2, your cost will be $3 per person. If you enter day of meet it will be $5 per person. If a family wants to enter, we can work out an advanced discounted rate. Athletes may run the 2K loop once or twice, completing either a 2K or 4K race.

Championship Race Entries: ENTER HERE. ALL athletes must be USATF or Athletics Canada members (Canadians, email to enter). USATF members can enter individually, or their team administrator can enter them. Status of Entries.

Payment Information: If you register by 11/2, you will receive the discounted rate. If you wish to pay by credit card, please email by October 31 and we will send you a PayPal invoice. No e-checks. Otherwise, you can pay via cash or check (payable to Club Northwest) at the meet.

Packet Pickup: Number pickup will be at the picnic shelter below the start/finish lines. At this time we will ask teams to declare their scoring members and scratch any non-competing runners.

Day of Meet Registration: Registration will be at the picnic shelter below the start/finish lines. You MUST bring proof of USATF membership, unless you are signing up for the community fun run. Failure to bring proof of USATF membership means you will need to purchase one on-site.


Open Teams5 score out of 8 declared
M40+, M50+ Teams5 score out of 8 declared
Other Masters Teams3 score out of 5 declared
"B" team scoring will be performed only for pre-declared "B" teams.

Results: Results will be prepared at the shelter and made available to teams. Awards will be presented immediately following compilation of the men's results. Results will be posted at the Club Northwest website and the PNTF web page shortly after the meet.

Prize Money:
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Open Teams - - - -
M40, M50 Teams $125 - - -
M60, M70 Teams $75 - - -
Masters Women's Teams $75 - - -
Open Individuals $250 $150 $100 $50
Masters Individuals $45 - - -

Note: Only USATF Pacific Northwest clubs and athletes are eligible for prize money in these championships.

Facilities: There are no facilities for lockers or showers at Lower Woodland Park, although facilities are available at East Green Lake, about two miles away. Bathrooms are adjacent to the registration area. Picnic shelters may be rented from the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, 206/684-4080.

Calls: First call will be 15 minutes before the start times. Runners need to be ready on the line no later than five minutes before race time.

Start & Finish: The starting line, end of each 2km loop, and finish line are all on the hillside above the registration area. The finish line is on the hillside above the registration area and directly below the start. It will be clearly marked with a banner and clock.

Courses: We use a 2k loop. The course will be moderately rolling and challenging. Each loop of the course has multiple pavement and gravel crossings, most athletes seem to prefer to not wear spikes.

Volunteers: Although we receive assistance from PNTF Officials and Club Northwest, all volunteers are welcomed! Contact Becca Peter at to sign up to assist us!