PNTF has an extensive library of athletics-related books (and a few DVDs and videos) that are available for borrowing.

Using the PNTF Library

Who can use the library?
Anyone with a current USATF membership is welcome to check out materials.

How can I reserve an item?
To request an item, contact Tom Cotner (

How will I receive the item?
Efforts will be made to get the item to the borrower as cheaply as possible, often by hand carrying. If you can devise a path whereby the item can travel to you, we will use that method. Otherwise the item will be shipped to you at your expense.

What is the checkout period?
Items are due one month after receipt. Items can be checked out again by special arrangement if there is no one on the waitlist. Fines for overdue material will be 20 cents per week.

What are the most frequently read books from the PNTF library?

  1. Bowerman and the Men of Oregon: The Story of Oregon's Legendary Coach & Nike's Cofounder — Kenny Moore
  2. The Greatest: The Haile Gebrselassie Story — Jim Denison
  3. Running Your Best — Ron Daws
  4. Running Tide — Joan Benoit
  5. Gerry Lindgrens' Book on Running — Gerry Lindgren
  6. Olympic Gold: A Runner's Life and Times — Frank Shorter & Marc Bloom
  7. Paul Tergat: Running to the Limits; His Life and His Training Secrets With Many Tips for Runners — Jurg Wirz
  8. Road to the Top — Joe Vigil
  9. Running with the Legends — Michael Sandrock
  10. The Principles of Running: Lessons from My First 100,000 Miles — Amby Burfoot
  11. Top Distance Runners of the Century — Seppo Luhtala
  12. My Life As I See It — Marla Runyan
  13. The Perfect Mile: Three Athletes, One Goal, and Less Than Four Minutes to Achieve It — Neal Bascomb
  14. Uncommon Heart — Anne Audain & John L. Parker, Jr.
  15. My Story So Far — Paula Radcliffe & David Walsh
  16. Once A Runner: A Novel — John L. Parker, Jr.
  17. The Fragile Champion: Doris Brown Who Always Ran the Extra Mile — Ken Foreman
  18. Hills, Hawgs and Ho Chi Minh, More Tales of a Wayward Runner — Don Kardong
  19. Steve Moneghetti: In the Long Run, the Making of a Marathon Runner — Peter Howley
  20. Running With the Buffaloes: A Season Inside with Mark Wetmore, Adam Goucher, and the University of Colorado Cross-Country Team — Chris Lear